Additional Support Needs (ASN)

ASN and ASD provision

Rights of the child

The right to an education which develops the personality, talents and abilities of children and young people to the full (Article 29, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) is at the heart of our aims.

A basic human right

It is a basic human right to be included and for everyone to have equality of access.

This underpins our commitment to meeting the needs of all children and young people, in particular those with physical, sensory or learning needs, social, emotional or behavioural needs, medical needs or other additional support needs.



Staged Intervention

GIRFEC and Staged Intervention procedures provide a structure for planning to meet the needs of all young people with ASN. We work in partnership with parents and carers, as well as the young people themselves, and colleagues across the school, to plan support. All children and young people with ASN have a named person from the extended pupil support team. 

Responding to diversity

We provide support to increase the capacity of the school to respond to pupil diversity, to maximise achievement and to promote the independence of learners. This support may include an Individual Education Programme (IEP) for some young people with a significant level of need.

Co-ordinated Support Plans (CSPs) may be required where there is a high level of need and a number of services are involved in meeting these needs. We work with a range of partners such as Social Work, Educational Psychology and Health as appropriate.


Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The autism provision at Alva Academy offers learners with ASD a supportive and nurturing environment to achieve their best, and is staffed by professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in supporting young people with ASD.

An individualised approach

We offer individualised approaches to learning through the development of sound relationships with learners and their families/carers, and we marry this with learning across the curriculum and throughout the school. We also work closely with our partners in health and social care to ensure the needs of all learners are met through careful staged intervention planning. Learners have opportunities to engage in the wide variety of experiences the school has to offer whilst developing skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

clackswebCouncil Provision

The autism provision at Alva Academy is Clackmannanshire Council’s provision for young people of secondary school age with an autism spectrum diagnosis and placements are agreed by the authority.

ASN Ambassadors

ASD Ambassador

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Enquire is funded by the Scottish Government to provide advice for parents and young people about Additional Support Needs.  

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