Business Education and Administration



The Business Education Department provides knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the workforce and further or higher education in the 21st century by encouraging the development of creativity and innovation.

Through the courses offered in Business Education we introduces learners to the dynamic, changing, competitive and economic environment of industry and commerce.  We develop skills in communicating and presenting business related information in a variety of formats to the various stakeholders of an organisation.

Our courses help pupils develop many transferable skills which help prepare learners for everyday life, the world of work or further study of business-related disciplines.  It deepens understanding of businesses and highlights a range of business-based career opportunities that are available within business sectors.

Our courses develop the necessary skills of literacy, numeracy, enterprise, employability, ICT and citizenship.  By encouraging working with others, our courses will help learners participate effectively in our ever-changing global business environment.

We feel that it is important to offer as many opportunities to young people and these include:-

  • Organising events eg European Christmas Market,
  • Learning about social enterprise and responsibility eg Micro-Tyco Challenge
  • Visiting workplaces eg Jaguar and Cadbury
  • Trips to widen their experiences eg Paris and Disneyland
  • Participate in competitions eg Share
  • Inviting guest speakers from Business to discuss their experiences

Courses Taught

S1-3 Broad General Education:  ICT Skills

S3-6 National 3/4/5/Higher Administration or Business Management also Advanced Higher Business Management

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Business Education

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Useful Links for S1/2 Pupils

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  • Information Technology

Useful for National 4/5 and Higher Courses

  • BBC Bitesize
  • Business Ed
  • Intel Education

Useful for all Higher and Advanced Higher Courses

  • Scholar
  • Tutor2u
  • Business Case Studies