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Design & Manufacture

The Design and Manufacture Courses develops skills in design and manufacturing models, prototypes and products, and knowledge and understanding of manufacturing processes and materials. Learners also gain an understanding of the impact of design and manufacturing technologies on our environment and society.


Pupils will have the opportunity to demonstrate their design ability through engaging and relevant workshop and classroom tasks.


National 4 and 5

This course focuses on the design and manufacture of products in a workshop environment. This helps to build pupils creativity, knowledge of workshop tools and tasks to create a prototype, as well as allowing them to follow the design process from brief to final design proposal. Finally pupils are taught how to evaluate their own work to highlight areas which could be



This course builds on the skills from National 5, however focuses on industrial manufacturing practices and processes; encouraging the pupils to consider real world scenarios and find suitable design solutions. The challenges at this level differed from National 5, in that pupils are expected to consider the wider implications of their design to develop their ideas; considering material choice, most suitable industrial manufacturing processes as well as industrial planning techniques. These skills help the pupils to gain an understanding of some of the tasks and skills required of designers in industry.

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