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S1 Course BGE

In S1, pupils follow a learner driven, integrated project based curriculum built around Significant Aspects of Learning for Social Subjects and RME. The Experiences and Outcomes for Geography, History, RMPS and Modern Studies are used as learning intentions and success criteria to plan for pupil progression through the Broad General Education.  Pupils are also given the opportunity to connect knowledge and skills across other faculty areas during the projects.  Embedded within the projects are opportunities for pupils to learn about learning and reflect on what makes a successful learner whilst developing key skills for the 21st century.

Project 1 - Community Project (August to December)

Pupils will explore and make judgements on their local community. They begin by exploring their own place in the world, looking at heritage, local history and culture within the context of their community. Pupils then work as part of a consultancy team that has been hired by Clackmannanshire council to design and construct a community hub as part of the regeneration of the Hillfoots. Their Design brief includes the following features:

  • Location
  • Exhibition
  • Community use
  • Events & Festivals
  • You will work effectively with your team to research, plan and present your design to a panel of experts who will decide on the winner. At the end of the project, pupils have the opportunity to their present this information to a selected audience.

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S2 Social Subjects Rotation

Pupils follow a six week rotation in the three Social Subjects.  In History, pupils learn about Changing Britain and the Great War.  In Modern Studies, pupils study rights; global citizenship and the development divide and then look at Scottish political issues in the ‘You Decide’ unit. In Geography, pupils study the topics Empty Lands and Population and the Environment.

Modern Studies
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Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

Week beginning 25th January all pupils in S4-S6 receiving core RMPS will be undertaking a lesson based around Holocaust Memorial Day.  For 2016, the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day Read More