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Welcome to the department of Home Economics where most of you will participate in courses which involve practical work with food and fabric.  Unfortunately the Education Service is unable to cover the full cost of these courses therefore pupils are asked to make a contribution.   Like everyone else, we are affected by the current rise in prices, however, we have managed to hold the cost in most courses.

Pupils are provided with clean aprons and suitable containers to ensure they can safely take food away, as well as plastic cutlery. However, a plastic carrier bag to put the container in would help prevent spillage.

To ensure good hygiene and safety, all pupils are expected to remove jewellery including chains and necklaces and if required a hair bobble to tie back long hair.

S1 Home Economics – Broad General Education

Each pupil in S1 will participate in one period of Home Economics per week.  Throughout the course pupils will be introduced to the subject and have regular opportunities to cook. The pupil contribution is set at £15 which represents less than a £1 for each occasion that they cook and is payable in full at the start of the school year.

S2 Home Economics Core - Broad General Education.

All pupils will have a double period of Home Economics. This is predominately practical cookery with one unit of fabric work to ensure coverage of the outcomes for Curriculum for Excellence. The cost of this course is £20 and is payable in full at the start of the school year.

S3 Home Economics

The course is designed as preparation for Nat 4/5 courses on S4. If you have chosen to follow this course you will be cooking regularly, normally once a week. The pupil contribution is £30 in each year which represents around £1 a week for the duration of the course and is payable in one lump sum at the start of the school year.

National 5 Hospitality:  Practical Cookery

If you have chosen to follow a National 5 course in S4 you will be cooking at least once a week or perhaps with more frequency where possible. The pupil contribution is £45 which represents £1.25 a week over the length of the course. The £45 is payable in one lump sum at the start of the school year.


If you have chosen to follow NAT5 Hospitality in S5/6 the pupil contribution will be £55 because you have an additional double period of practical cookery, so you will cook twice a week.

Fashion & Textile Technology

National 4

Pupils will be required to complete 4 projects over the course and materials will be provided by the school. The cost will be £10.00 payable at the beginning of the year

National 5/Higher

Pupils will complete 4 projects at NAT5 or 3 at Higher. Pupils can choose to pay £4.00 per project payable before the item is started or, if they wish, they can provide their own material at the pupil’s expense

S 5/6 Health and Food Technology

This course is a mixture of theory and cookery. Cooking is more varied both in content and in frequency. It depends very much on which point of the curriculum has been reached. A costing of £30 has been agreed for this course which is payable in one lump sum at the start of the school year.

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National 5 Hospitality Prelim
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