Our school uniform

School uniform is essential in assisting us to develop the proper atmosphere in Alva Academy.


School uniform puts all pupils on an equal footing preventing rivalry in dress. Moreover, the wearing of school uniform contributes to maintaining and improving standards of work, play and general behaviour as well as creating a positive impression amongst members of the public and potential employers.

Pride in the school

School uniform also helps to develop a sense of belonging to and pride in the school. In addition to these factors, uniform offers the school and its community the opportunity to identify Alva Academy pupils so helping us to maintain a safe and secure environment.

School uniform is defined as 'items of clothing which visibly identify the wearer as a pupil of Alva Academy'.

Where can you buy uniform?

Sweatshirts, poloshirts and black jackets are available from Scotcrest in Alva. School ties can be purchased from the main office.

  • Visible school tie worn up to the collar with white shirt/blouse that buttons up to the neck
  • White shirt / blouse
  • School blazer (S5/S6)
  • Black outer jacket
  • Black skirt/full length dress trousers
  • Black shoes
  • Black top from range available

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about our Uniform Policy, you can either request more information or download the entire policy document.