Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies


In Core RMPS pupils are given the opportunity to develop as individuals and free thinkers. This will aid them in becoming mature citizens in society who can contribute from a position of understanding, tolerance and respect for others.

The study of RMPS at Alva Academy is concerned with understanding the experience of humanity in its search for meaning, value and purpose in life.

The aims of RMPS, which shape and guide our curriculum, are:

  • To provide a caring and supportive environment which allows the student to develop their full potential, both as individuals and as members of society
  • To help students to recognise and appreciate the varies religious and spiritual dimensions of life
  • To encourage each student to investigate matters in an analytical and questioning manner
  • To provide equal opportunities for each student
  • To lead students to deeper understanding of the traditions present throughout the planet and the ways in which those traditions seek to express their understanding of life
  • To encourage students to find enjoyment in the work they do
  • To contribute in a positive way to the whole school environment
  • To present the curriculum free from fixed religious agenda


There are a number of units of work that S2 pupils may cover these include Philosophical Thinking, Rites of Passage, War, Humanitarianism, Festivals and Creation

In S3 pupils have the opportunity to study Morality, Aborigines, Racism, Philosophical Enquiry and Heritage

Senior pupils (S4-S6) cover a wide range of topics including Cults, Scepticism, Enquiry, Life after Death, Citizenship, Gender, Food, Capital Punishment, Superstitions

In addition S5 pupils take part in a Youth Philanthropy Initiative which  gives  them  the skills  to  assess  the  needs  of  our  local community  and  direct  grants  to  community based  charities  making  a  local  impact  upon  those  needs.  YPI  empowers  young  people  to  genuinely participate in the development of their own community, engaging them as dedicated problem solvers. This initiative promotes  a  sense  of  responsibility,  respect,  and  lasting  commitment  to  growing  understanding  and compassionate communities.

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Religion, medicine and the human body
Origins of Life
National 4/5
National 4/5 Existence of God
National 4/5 Religion and Conflict

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

Week beginning 25th January all pupils in S4-S6 receiving core RMPS will be undertaking a lesson based around Holocaust Memorial Day.  For 2016, the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day Read More