Our staff

Senior management team

Mr S McEwan - Headteacher

Mrs J Barclay - Depute Headteacher (S1 Year Head)

Mrs M Brown - Acting Depute Headteacher (S2 Year Head)

Mr A Forrester - Depute Headteacher (S3 and S4 Year Head)

Mr N McDowall - Depute Headteacher (S5 and S6 Year Head)

SMT team roles


For more information about the roles and responsibilities of our SMT team

Faculty of Art, Music & PE

Art & Design

Miss Cross

Ms Fowler

Mr Miller


Mr Clifford (Faculty PT)

Miss McFarlane

Mrs  Middleton

Physical Education

Mr Love

Mr Stephen

Mr Faill

Miss McKnight

Miss Abernethy (PT PEPASS)

Faculty of Business, Enterprise & European Languages

European Languages

Miss Finn

Mrs Hughes

Miss Skinner

Business Studies & Administration

Mrs Herd (Faculty PT)

Mrs Baxter

Mrs Robinson

Mrs O'Hara (Mat Leave)

Miss Z Sellars (Prob)


Mrs Welsh

Faculty of Communication


Ms Douglas (Faculty PT)

Mrs Barclay

Miss Mackie

Miss Brogan

Miss Ainslie (Acting PT)

Ms Melville

Mr Swain

Faculty of Mathematics


Mrs Croll Faculty PT (job share) 

Mrs Nesbitt

Mrs Reid (0.4 fte)

Mrs Cunningham (Mat Leave)

Mr Hurley

Mrs Woods

Ms Sapsed

Miss McGregor


Faculty of Social Subjects

Miss G Freeland (Faculty PT)


Mr Dudley

Miss K Turner


Mrs Clifford

Miss Cumming

Modern Studies

Miss Henderson

Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies

Ms Cumming

Miss Teasdale


Mr M Wadkins

Faculty of Science


Mrs McKinlay (Faculty PT)

Ms Orr

Mr Sturridge


Mrs Baxter (Mat Leave)

Miss McLean

Ms Lewis

Miss L Park (Prob)


Mr Rollie

Mr Browne


Mrs E Thomson


ASN, ASD & Wellbeing

Additional Support Needs (ASN)

Mrs Wilson PT ASN 

Mrs R More 

Mrs D Youngson

ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)

Mrs Love (PT)

Mrs H Wadkin

Mrs S Nelson

Mr N Evison (ASD Support Worker)

Support Workers

Mr S Parker (Senior Support Worker) 


Attendance & Wellfare Officer

Mrs L Stalker

Learning Assistants

Mrs Bakker

Mrs Baxter

Mrs Doyle

Mrs Eccles

Mrs Gibson

Mrs Gilmartin

Miss Harkness

Mrs Lawson

Mrs McGregor

Mrs Morrison (Mat Leave)

Mrs Parandian

Ms Richardson

Mrs Robb

Miss Rybak

Faculty of Technology & Home Economics

Technical Education

Mr McGinlay (Faculty PT)

Mr Blair

Miss Walker

Miss Conlon

Mr Gregg

Mr Martin (Technician)

Home Economics

Mrs Millar

Miss Manzoor

Miss McTurk

Administration Team

School Support Officer

Ms J Bateman

School Support Administrators

Mrs P Douglas

Mrs C McArthur

Mrs A Murphy

Ms K Rosee

Mrs G Watt